John and Anna have been telling stories and palling around for 4 years.  They have honed the show Celebrate Every Day into a bite sized candy bar of feel good history.  

The National Day Calendar backstories are a playground for the imagination and they’ve had fun with the founder Marlo Anderson, won 4 Davey Awards and survived through thick and thin. 

But telling stories in under a minute leaves out a lot of the good stuff. It’s like baking a tiny pie and leaving most of the crust on the floor. 

We have laughed ourselves silly in the outtakes and we’re ready to let you into the party. Stories From The Junk Drawer features the “No, way?!” factor of the crazy facts we dig up every day.  

We also make up songs because it’s just good fun. 


Your Hosts

Anna Devere

Anna Devere from Las Vegas, NV is a successful podcaster who owns the media company, Q1 Network. Her award winning show, Celebrate Every Day airs daily on radio and podcast platforms.

She writes and voices all the fun facts behind the National Day Calendar. Her newest show Stories From The Junk Drawer features original tunes and crazy stories with fellow singer songwriter John McClain.

Anna recorded with Gladys Knight and her gospel choir, the Saints Unified Voices, who won a Grammy for gospel album of the year. She is also a book author, childrens’ book publisher and she loves to promote musicians and artists with heart.

John McClain is the owner and lead sound designer/mixer at MONSTER SOUND & PICTURE (formerly, The Dog and Pony Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

John’s professional experience ranges from award winning sound design for companies like Chevrolet, Dodge, Intel and MGM Resorts to a Grammy nomination in 2000 and a Grammy win in 2001 for his work with the late, great George Carlin.

His work as a voice talent, composer, sound designer and mixer brought him to the small screen in 2010 with the Comedy Central short series Shmitty, Mcfunkle and Stump.

In 2019 John mixed Brave the Wild for Animal Planet
and won Emmys for his work with PBS on the show Outdoor Nevada and the documentary African Americans: The Las Vegas Experience.

John is currently writing, producing and co-hosting the shenanigans and hijinks on National Day Calendar’s daily show “Celebrate Every Day” with Marlo Andersen and Anna Devere.

When not working his audio mojo, John likes to spend time with friends and family – surfing, skiing, traveling, and cooking paella.

John McClain

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